From the time he could crawl, it was evident Jackson Davis was destined to become a photographer. Nope, too formal. My appreciation for the "critical moment" was always keen and there was never any doubt as to my life's calling. No, that's not it. Okay. My earliest recollections are for the subtleties of the light as it refracted through my crib's mobile. 

Man, these bios are hard to write and this is starting to sound too much like the intro to "Manhattan" so I guess I'll just be honest with you....

Photography initially came to me as a means to an end. As a lifelong sports fanatic, one April evening while watching the NCAA basketball finals I thought to myself that the photographers had the best seats in the house. Seats I wanted. I decided at that moment I would become one.

I'll have to say I am more than a bit embarrassed to explain how I got here. Embarrassed because photography is one of the most wonderful, unexpected finds of my life. It is an unexpected passion, one that has made me wiser, more observant, patient, and focused. It challenges me to see the world in new ways without judgement or preconception and I am truly lucky to have found it no matter how unromantic the means.